Supplements For Treating Depression

Instead of taking prescription medications there are many different dietary supplements for depression that actually provide the proper balance so depression is a thing of the past.

A few of the nutrients and dietary supplements for depression include:
Folate or Vitamin B9 – It has been discovered that around 15 percent to 38 percent of individuals with depression have low foliate levels. Many individuals that are using antidepressant medicines are also increasing the amount of Vitamin B9 they consume on daily basis are seeing marked improvements.

Trypotophan is an amino acid that creates serotonin. In some studies, if a person has a low level of this amino acid it can lead to depression.

S-Adenosinemethionine has been used in studies for treating depression and is doing excellent possibly better than antidepressants. These supplements for depression have been shown to boost serontin levels, which helps reduce depression.

Another one of the supplements for depression that is doing well is 5-Hydroxytryptophan, which may also be just as effective as antidepressants.

Some studies have shown that mineral selenium, which is found in liver, fish, garlic, shellfish, brewers yeast, sunflower seeds, grains, and Brazil nuts, can affect a person’s mood. After using selenium as a supplement for depression, some individuals noticed decreased bouts of depression after only five weeks.

Inositol is a substance in the brain. Low levels of inositol have been noted with individuals that have been diagnosed with depression. Studies have been practically satisfying for individuals that have not responded well with antidepressants.

There are many different supplements for depression that are now becoming more popular than medications due to fewer side effects and even better results. Learning which supplements for depression can help you best will be your road to recovery. It is best to speak with your doctor before taking supplements if you are now taking an antidepressant.

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