Application To The American College of Nutrition

A member shall hold a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree from an institution accredited by an accreditation board recognized by United States Department of Education, or from a foreign institution with equivalent standards.

A member shall have demonstrated expertise in the field of nutrition as evidenced by the teaching of nutrition, nutrition related patient care and/or employment, and/or publications in the area of nutrition.

Student/Trainee Membership:
Students enrolled in an undergraduate program, graduate program or in a post-doctoral training program or fellowship will be eligible for membership in this category during their years of study.

Documentation of student status should be provided by a letter from a mentor or from the educational institution at which the student is enrolled

Fellows shall hold a doctoral degree from an institution recognized by an accrediting board authorized by the US Department of Education, or from a foreign institution with equivalent standards.

Fellows shall have demonstrated expertise in patient care, research, and/or the teaching of nutrition as evidenced by one or more of the following:

Certification by one or more ACGME recognized specialty boards.
Board certification by:
American Board of Nutrition,
Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists
American Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists.
Outstanding experience in nutrition as a practitioner and/or educator, documented by appropriate letters of recommendations.

Fellows shall have co-authored five or more publications in peer reviewed medical or scientific journals relevant to nutrition with lead authorship on at least one paper.

Applicants should be endorsed by a Fellow of the ACN, or the applicant’s Chief of Service or Department Head. This requirement may be waived by a member of the ACN Board of Directors or the Executive Director.

Mastership in Nutrition (MACN):
This category is reserved for Members/Fellows who have demonstrated over an extended period outstanding service to the ACN and/or have been recognized nationally or internationally for outstanding contributions in the field of nutrition. Individuals may be nominated for advancement to this prestigious category by providing a proposal letter and supportive documents to the Chair of the ACN Awards Committee. The Board of Directors will be responsible for approving all nominations. Only those who are currently active or emeritus members may be so honored.

Emeritus Membership:
Members over the age of 65 who are retired may request emeritus status. Emeritus members will continue to be voting members.

Honorary Membership:
The Board of Directors by majority vote may recognize distinguished physicians and scientists in the field of nutrition by bestowing upon them the title of Honorary Fellow. They will not be voting members.

Annual Dues:
$150.00 for Fellows/Members; $60.00 for Student/Trainee Members. The dues include a subscription to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Add $40 for overseas and Canada addressees.

Emeritus/Honorary Members and active members/fellows over the age of 75 with 10 or more years of recent active membership are not required to pay dues.

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